Welcome to the ddmodd project! we are a small (but growing) group of developers who are currently making a dink smallwood mod (or dmod).
If you are interested in joining us, or want to know more, please feel free to contact us via email.

Thurs Oct. 24th. Update frequency

Well, i hate to say this, but we are looking at closing this project down. causes?? mainly because you cannot find artists online to work for nothing. I don't have the time nowadays to maintain the project, so I'm offering to resign, and hand over the reigns to someone else. If you are at all interested, send us an email, (thomi@imail.net.nz).

Sun Jun 9th. Two new developers!

Yep, both Phoenix and striker have decided to lend us a hand. Both are dink Network members, so their knowledge will be invaluable. welcome aboard guys!

Wed May 29th. Roadmap posted

An email posted by the project manager shows the proposed roadmap.Click here to veiw it, or on the link to the left.

Sat May 25th. New info

This is just a summary of some of the stuff found in the mailing list. One suggestion there was "honour" which would be gained by accepting fights, saving people, etc. Honour would always be agood thing to have, but especially so for the warrior, and much less so for the mage. It would influence the availablity of various quests, i.e., more honour, more quests availiable. Another idea is that quests give items and experience(instead of only advancing the story line/giving you gold).

Thu May 23rd. New members wanted

We're still looking for new members. if you are interested in working with us, we're looking for artists, scripter (esp. those of you who know dinkC), document writers, people who can work the sourceforge release system, and even beta testers. if you would like to join, just email me!

Mon May 13th. Web page overhaul.

I have completely redone the entire web page. Now it uses a small python cgi script, to render all the things like titles etc. etc. Basically, im hoping this page will expand, and i had the time to do it now, so....

Fri May 3rd. New Developers.

We have gained two new developers, to replace the one who has recently left us. for more info, go to the team page
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