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So what do you guys actually do??

Well, we're basically remaking the Dink Smallwood game. We're re-doing the graphics, storyline, charecter modelling, weapon systems, scripting methods, music, sound effects, and much much more. While we haven't released anything yet, we're just starting to make the new sprites, starting with the warriors guild. if you want to know more about our schedule, you can Veiw the Roadmap.
We plan to release this under the GPL, because we believe that its the best syetem for both ensuring the software stays free and available to all, and because it was at the top of the "which license do you want to use" list when signing up at sourceforge ;-).
We're allways looking for help. after all, there are only 9 of us, and none of us are being paid. if you wish to make a contribution, the best thing you could do is offer artistic help. if you have a good knowledge if dinkC, that would be helpfull aswell. we could also do with someone familiar with the sourceforge release system, as well as documentation writers.

What is Dink Smallwood?

Dink Smallwood was a small RPG/Action game released by rtsoft some years ago (1996??). It included a simple scripting language in the style of C, and theability to create add on games, or modules. A dmod is a "Dink MODule".

So whats the game going to be like?

The original game was great, but there were some aspects which could have been inproved. mainly the graphics. we are re-doing around 300-400 sprites at least, so when we release this, it will include alot of unseen artwork. The item system will also be revised, and you will be able to play as one of three characters, all with different abilities, and a different method of completing the game.


There are three playable characters, and each one represents a different guild. The warrior guild is largely human and orc. The warrior character is very good with melee weapons. The elves are elves, and excell with bows. The mage guild is probably going to be human, but it is not fully decided yet. The mages are good with magic.

But what makes one character different from another?

At the moment, it is undecided whether each character should have unique abilities, but the main difference lies largely with what weapons/armor/spells each character has access to due to their guild membership.


Yes, there will be armor!

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