Please be aware that this is a rough document only, and is likely to be full of spelling mistakes, and is itself probably wildly inaccurate. but just to keep you happy, here it is:

ok, i just wante to clarify where we're headed from here:

Today is saterday June 1st. the following is a list of the things i would like to
get done, and the dates by. if anyone objects, these are only

1 week: EVERYONE who needs wincvs has it up AND working. i'm more than
willing to answer any questions, so just email the list, and maybe other
people can benefit from your experiences.

2 weeks: The artists start on the first batch of buildings. we'll start
with the warriors guild. this is a very medi-evil sort of style
building, although more alglo-saxon flavour. you know, viking longboats,
big fires, feasthalls, spears, round shields etc. etc. Reuben will make
the initial buildings, to show the other artist(s) what sort of style
we're after. then it'll get sent to another artist, who will texture it
for us. then the buildings will be added to the cvs repositary (if they
have not allready been added), so that i can officially add them to the
game, sort out the hardness details etc. etc. I am hoping to go along at
at least one building a day (tell me if this is unreasonable, ok?).
meanwhile, i will be adding them to the game, and starting to form the
first guild. the artists will have been scripting things like charecter
dialogues, detailed interior buil;dings (the important ones), and
generally working with me to produce something cool.

3 weeks: Buildings are all finished, and artists start doing other
things warrior related, like spear walls, shields, tables, benches, and
other bits and pieces. sabretrout will be pretty busy right here, as
he's got about 65-70% of the scripting to do (i can do some...).

4 weeks: warrior guild revision 1 is finished. it wont be touched up
untill much later, because i want to have an early rlease. we'll move on
to another guild. probably the elfs. this may prove a bit of a challenge
for the artists, with all those curves etc. yeah, 2 weeks for the
buildings this time, because theres very little else

6 weeks: one week of "finishing off" for the elfs. things like interior
detail, outdoor sprites. same deal as with the warriors. onve revision
ones complete, leave it alone.

7 weeks: mage guild. two weeks of buildings, and one of exterior detail.
the mages will ba A LOT of work, as tere so....detailed...but it'll look

8 weeks: "finishing off" again.

9 weeks: the rest of the city now needs to be done. this is the reward
for the artists for slogging through the guilds. here they can go wild,
and create almost anything (so long as it meets the criteria, of course
:-). i think that 3-4 weeks should see it all good.. im gonna be flat
out now, esp. with my polytech course having started some weeks

11 weeks: the last two weeks have been used for touching up. not only
the graphics, but also the scripting, and the quest integration. this is
where we need to do some serious bugfixing, as there'll be
HEAPS!!...once that all done, we have a week off, to prepare for the::::

12 weeks: Release: ddmodd1-0.0.1b.tgz. ill make the release, but i dont
want to advertise it too heavily yet. we;ve got the majourity of the
work behind us now, so it cant be that hard, but we need to play test
it, fix bugs, redo some of the artwork, etc. etc. while we're doing
this, the designers need to be doing the rest of the forst dmod. then we
essentially repeat this phase all over again. with the release numbers,
it'll stay 0.0.* untill we release a new section of the map, and then
it'll become 0.1.* etc. etc, untill we release the final game, first
revision, which will be ddmodd1-1.0.0. THATS when we advertise, and pull
the crowds. (hopefully we will have a name by then aswell.

please comment on what you think of this. i hope we can sticj to it, but
things allways seem to take longer that they should... once the first
dmod is out, we can decide wether we want to do the second of a series,
or not. remember, by then it could well be a year later. if my
calculations are right, if we stick to this plan, we should make our
first initial release by August the 18th.

finally, and completely seperate from the above, im gonna advertise for:

1.- a texturing artist, and
2.- another scripter. i dont think that sabre and i can do it alone...


Thomi Richards
want to get involved?? we're looking for artists!

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