Well, here it is, the low down on all of the ddmodd team:


Thomi (a.k.a. "Tullisti") is the project manager. He lives in the remote reaches of Dunedin, New Zealand.


Reuben is our main artist, he is skilled in 3DS max use, and is the main driving force behind the graphics dept. of this project.


The artistic work was going to be too hard for one person to handle, so we advertised several times for an artist. Nate saw the light and joined us, and we're glad to have him along!

Caillan & Padarn

These two are responsible for the storyline of the project. They are pretty much the same person, so it seemed right to class them together like this.... No hard feelings ok guys?? :-)


(No thats not his real name). Sabre is our main scripter, and he's essential to this project. (did i mention that he's a genius??)

Phoenix and striker.

Both are Dink Network members, and both have not yet got a full description on the teams page!!

David & Lija

Our lovely web designers. They are responsible for making sure that this site remains up to date and working. David does most of the work, and Lija is there for backup. So far, everything has been running smoothly. I hope it stays that way.

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